Delivery nurse Liesel answers your questions about labor and delivery from a nurse's perspective.

Liesel is a labor and delivery nurse from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a mom, wife, and business owner! She works part-time at the hospital she delivered her own son at, and spends the rest of her time blogging and creating captivating Instagram content for her brand - Mommy Labor Nurse! She started her brand in February of 2018 as a way to educate more moms in the online space about the birth process. After having such a fulfilling birth experience at her hospital, she felt that she wanted to educate other moms in hopes that more women feel empowered and educated about their births, instead of scared and anxious. She has always had a passion for educating women and thoroughly enjoys spreading knowledge and awareness about birth! 



Birth Courses:


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First pregnancy- Pitocin, epidural, 8 hours labor, still at 4 centimeters dilation, so it was off to surgery for the C-section. Difficult recovery with infections and just a general traumatic over the experience.

For her second birth, she found a new provider who was very much more VBAC supportive than her first.

Labor for her second was just as long if not longer than her first. She elected for an epidural, which helped greatly, and actually may have been the pivotal decision in her path to accomplishing her VBAC.


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Mary's first pregnancy was pretty normal, although she had it in her mind that she wanted a natural birth, she trusted her provider when it was suggested that a C-section was the better way to go.

Recovery did not go well for her, and some aspects of being a new mother, such as breastfeeding, were very much a daily struggle.

With her second, she attempted a VBAC, but her labor stalled and stalled and stalled, and she ended up with a second C-section.

Third time's a charm? Yep, third time's a charm.


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Fitness trainer, doula, and VBAC mama Gina Conley is working to get her Masters in Exercise Science, and applying all of that schooling to matters related to pregnancy and childbirth. In this Special Episode, we pick her brain and she touches on a range of topics including preparing your pelvis for childbirth and baby positioning. You can find her @mamastefit on Instagram and at 


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Fran's first pregnancy miscarried.


During her second pregnancy, she and her husband unexpectedly moved across the country in her 36th week, after both being offered jobs that they couldn't pass up, which understandably caused some stress and chaos. But as we know, babies don't wait, no matter what chaos is happening in mom's life.


Fran didn't have much of a birth plan. She got to 10 centimeters. But problems with the epidural catheter, among other things, led to a C-section. And physical complications in postpartum recovery ushered in a rocky start to her newfound parenthood.


For her third pregnancy, she dove in headfirst and did a bunch of research to learn what her options were for delivery.


A new complication with this pregnancy was her high blood pressure, but that didn't stop her from getting her VBAC.


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