April 1, 2020

118 Fran’s VBAC + Processing Fears

Fran's first pregnancy miscarried.


During her second pregnancy, she and her husband unexpectedly moved across the country in her 36th week, after both being offered jobs that they couldn't pass up, which understandably caused some stress and chaos. But as we know, babies don't wait, no matter what chaos is happening in mom's life.


Fran didn't have much of a birth plan. She got to 10 centimeters. But problems with the epidural catheter, among other things, led to a C-section. And physical complications in postpartum recovery ushered in a rocky start to her newfound parenthood.


For her third pregnancy, she dove in headfirst and did a bunch of research to learn what her options were for delivery.


A new complication with this pregnancy was her high blood pressure, but that didn't stop her from getting her VBAC.


Topics/keywords: miscarriage, epidural, postpartum, chiropractor, induction, fear processing

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