In this episode, Laura Hatch, an OG VBAC Link podcast listener, tells us about her 3 births with 3 different providers in 3 different hospitals. Those births include a vaginal birth, a Cesarean section with an anterior placenta, and a VBAC. Through her journey, she realizes how important it is to educate and advocate for herself - which led to her unmedicated VBAC. She discusses how important it is to have a team who is going to be supportive of your birth plan and to make AND act on the choices you make for you and your baby. 

Laura's written birth story 

How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents


Topics/Keywords: anterior placenta, placenta previa, low-lying placenta, hypnobirthing

Julie and Meagan talk all things postpartum! They go into detail of how a woman's body heals after giving birth via Cesarean and vaginal birth. In this episode, Meagan and Julie discuss when you should meet with a pelvic floor specialist, and talk about the importance of postpartum hydration. 

The VBAC Link


Topics/Keywords: heal, hemorrhoids, postpartum, stitches, hydration, pelvic floor specialist

In today's podcast, Elyssa tells us what it was like to have her CBAC during the Covid-19 pandemic. She changed birth providers three different times. One being during her induction to a different hospital that would allow her doula to be there. After hours of Pitocin and not being able to find a good position for the baby to get enough oxygen, she decided to have a CBAC but was resilient in getting the care she and her baby deserved during and after her Cesarean.

Do you want to know more about how to process your birth if you don't end up with the VBAC you worked so hard for? Check out our blog, How to Cope When you Don't Get your VBAC


Topics/Keywords: CBAC, preeclampsia, induction

Lynn, a women's health physical therapist, talks about the importance of Cesarean scar massage and how it can help relieve different pains and problems you may be having. In this episode, we also talk about birth trauma and how it can be affecting your body.

Lynn's website and directory

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Topics/keywords: bladder frequency, painful intercourse, low back pain, sacrum, pelvic floor muscles, dense adhesions

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