May 27, 2020

126 Laura’s VBAC + Anterior Placenta

In this episode, Laura Hatch, an OG VBAC Link podcast listener, tells us about her 3 births with 3 different providers in 3 different hospitals. Those births include a vaginal birth, a Cesarean section with an anterior placenta, and a VBAC. Through her journey, she realizes how important it is to educate and advocate for herself - which led to her unmedicated VBAC. She discusses how important it is to have a team who is going to be supportive of your birth plan and to make AND act on the choices you make for you and your baby. 

Laura's written birth story 

How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents


Topics/Keywords: anterior placenta, placenta previa, low-lying placenta, hypnobirthing

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