At 39+5 weeks, Sarah’s Provider would no longer support a VBAC due to COVID 19. With the connections of her Doula, she was able to transfer care to a Birth Center and Midwife. After 28 hours of unmedicated labor, with twists and turns along the way, she had an exhilarating VBAC. 

How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents


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 Katie has had three very different birth journeys delivering her babies. She delivered her first baby with midwives in a hospital and used an epidural to help her meet her baby girl. For her second birth, Katie chose to have care through a birth center. After pushing for four hours, Katie transferred to a hospital to meet her second baby via C-section. Just recently, Katie prepared for her third birth, a VBAC. Katie met her third baby by delivering him unassisted in her car! Her birth with her son was fast and furious but turned out to be very peaceful and very empowering. She was blown away by the care she received at the hospital, even during COVID.

Katie's Instagram handles: @kate_white @denverborn

How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents

What Are the Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor for VBAC

Getting baby into a good position

What To Do When Your Water Breaks

How to Turn Prodormal Labor into Active Labor

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Alyssa was able to have her VBAC just 17 months after her Cesarean. In this episode, Alyssa didn't go into labor until after 41 weeks, and advocated for herself every step of the way. She changed providers, declined things she wasn't comfortable with and spoke up when she wanted to do something differently. Alyssa goes into so much detail about her mental state of preparing for a VBAC and how she needed to avoid certain people to keep a positive attitude. 

Check out her Instagram and YouTube page linked below! 

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How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents

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 Heather endured 3 long days of labor before welcoming her baby into this world. Throughout her labor she told her doula and midwife that they didn't need to come, because she was doing fine. Eventually, her doula insisted that she come right away. Once she arrived, she saw that Heather's baby was in a posterior position by the way her sacrum was bulging. Her doula called her midwife to come immediately, but her midwife was at a wedding one and a half hours away. Not long after the call, Heather's body took over and started to begin pushing. Heather's sweet mother-in-law was there supporting her and told her she was ready to catch the baby. 

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How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents


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 In this episode, Grace tells her story of finding a VBA2C supportive provider and having to do appointments online (due to Covid-19) after finding out her baby was breech. She tried EVERYTHING she could not knowing whether it was working or not until she could go into the office at 36 weeks. In-spite of all her efforts, her baby continued to stay breech, but her doctor said he was still willing to move forward with her VBA2C! Listen to her talk about the importance of educating yourself, and sharing your story to help educate others throughout your birth journey.

You can find more on Grace and her husband Rico on their podcast All In With The Allens where they talk about everything from changing diapers to preparing for Super Bowl Sunday. 

All In With The Allens Podcast

Grace's Instagram handle: @grace.e.allen

Grace Allen's Website

How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents



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In this episode, Shilo shares her VBAC story where the majority of her prenatal visits were done virtually, because she lived 2.5 hours away from her provider (this was before Covid-19). She timed her contractions well and made it to the hospital 6 cm dilated, but only progressed one more additional centimeter in 5 hours. Her doula suggested doing a labor position called Walcher's Technique, which is extremely effective but very painful. Listen to her describe how fast her labor progressed after using this position.

Later in the episode, Julie and Meagan also discuss if having a virtual support doula is worth it or not. 


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In this episode Laura Hatch, an OG VBAC Link podcast listener, tells us about her 3 births with 3 different providers in 3 different hospitals. Those births include a vaginal birth, a Cesarean section with anterior placenta, and a VBAC. Through her journey she realizes how important it is to educate and advocate for herself - which led to her unmedicated VBAC. She discusses how important it is to have a team who is going to be supportive of your birth plan and to make AND act on the choices you make for you and your baby. 

Laura's written birth story 

How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents


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Julie and Meagan talk all things postpartum! They go into detail of how a woman's body heals after giving birth via Cesarean and vaginal birth. In this episode, Meagan and Julie discuss when you should meet with a pelvic floor specialist, and talk about the importance of postpartum hydration. 

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In today's podcast, Elyssa tells us what it was like to have her CBAC during the Covid-19 pandemic. She changed birth providers three different times. One being during her induction to a different hospital that would allow her Doula to be there. After hours of Pitocin and not being able to find a good position for the baby to get enough oxygen, she decided to have a CBAC, but was resilient in getting the care she and her baby deserved during and after her Cesarean.

Do you want to know more about how to process your birth if you don't end up with the VBAC you worked so hard for? Check out our blog, How to Cope When you Don't Get your VBAC


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Lynn, a women's health physical therapist, talks about the importance of Cesarean scar massage and how it can help relieve different pains and problems you may be having. In this episode we also talk about birth trauma and how it can be affecting your body.


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