June 24, 2020

130 Alyssa’s VBAC + Creating a Supportive Environment

Alyssa was able to have her VBAC just 17 months after her Cesarean. In this episode, Alyssa didn't go into labor until after 41 weeks, and advocated for herself every step of the way. She changed providers, declined things she wasn't comfortable with and spoke up when she wanted to do something differently. Alyssa goes into so much detail about her mental state of preparing for a VBAC and how she needed to avoid certain people to keep a positive attitude. 

Check out her Instagram and YouTube page linked below! 

Alyssa's YouTube Channel

Alyssa's Instagram Account

How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents

The VBAC Link Blog


Keywords/Topics: postpartum depression, pelvic floor specialist, posterior, asynclitic head position

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