October 3, 2018

23 Diana + Healing Birth Trauma

Try not to cry as you listen to Diana share the store of her first birth, a home birth transfer, that was traumatic from arrival at the hospital through her C-section recovery. Two years later, she fell pregnant unexpectedly and, while still terrified from her first birth, almost instantly fell in love with having another baby and different birth experiences. You HAVE to hear her share about the healing process and her triumphant VBAC. We talk about birth trauma and healing, and the book “How to Heal a Bad Birth” (spoiler, you NEED this book, go grab it now). Then, head over to our blog at thevbaclink.com/how-to-heal-from-birth-trauma/ for more info on birth trauma and more about this incredible book!

Please note, to get stories from all over the country and even other countries, we record using phone lines. For this reason, audio quality may vary between episodes and speakers.

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