January 16, 2019

44 Amy’s VBA2C + Classical Scar

It was a lot of work for Amy to find a doctor to support her with her VBA2C. Her first C-section was a classical (vertical) incision with premature twins. Her second, the typical low transverse (bikini cut) incision. Finding a provider supportive of a VBA2C is hard enough without a special scar, but like all the other women of strength we know, she dove into the information and prepared herself mentally and emotionally and found a provider to support her. Her story is full of struggle and victory and is sure to inspire! Find more information on VBA2C and Special Scars on our VBAC blog: thevbaclink.com/blog.

Please note, in order to get stories from all over the country, and even other countries, we record using phone lines. For this reason, audio quality may vary between episodes and speakers.

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