July 3, 2019

77 Rachel’s VBAC + VBAC Education

We are SO excited to share Rachel’s story with you today! Rachel is one of Meagan’s own clients and her story is so inspiring. She started educating herself right from the very beginning, and was one of the very first people in our “How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents” class when it launched in Utah. She switched providers and followed her intuition closely as it guided her through some very specific decisions during her pregnancy and birth. You don’t want to miss this VBAC Birth Center Transfer story. Find out more about the online version of our VBAC prep class at thevbaclink.com/vbac-class

Please note, in order to get stories from all over the country, and even other countries, we record using phone lines. For this reason, audio quality may vary between episodes and speakers

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