September 11, 2019

89 Renay’s VBAC + Pregnancy Nutrition

Renay is truly an inspiration! Her first birth, a Cesarean, left her feeling defeated and exhausted. Over the next three years, she worked so hard to get her body in the best physical shape for pregnancy and birth. She lost a lot of weight and drastically improved her overall health. She prepared in all the ways she could and educated herself as much as possible about VBAC. She was one of the very first students to take our How to VBAC course for parents. After three days of labor, she got her VBAC! Just wait until you hear the intricate details of her journey. It is a must-hear! Read more about VBAC pregnancy nutrition on our blog VBAC Pregnancy Nutrition and then head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages and let us know what YOU did to prepare for VBAC!


Please note, to get stories from all over the country and even other countries, we record using phone lines. For this reason, audio quality may vary between episodes and speakers.

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