October 23, 2019

96 Ashley’s CBAC + Empowering Cesareans

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you will notice that several common themes come to light--one of which is that your pregnancy will most likely not go exactly as you planned. In this episode, Ashley tells us how her first pregnancy ended in a C-section, and how her second pregnancy, which she intended to be a VBAC, also ended in a C-section.

With her third and most recent pregnancy, she attempted a VBAC delivery once again. On the big day, complications arose, and even though the baby was seconds away from being earthbound, Ashley was once again wheeled off to the operating room for her third C-section.

She doesn’t take that as a defeat, though; it was this third C-section that was her most healing and positive birth experience.

Check out our blog, How to Cope When You Don’t Get your VBAC for more info.

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