October 30, 2019

97 Patrice’s VBAC + The Best Induction Method for VBAC

Patrice’s first pregnancy ended in a C-section. With her second, she was determined to deliver vaginally. The pregnancy was progressing fine. What wasn't fine was her provider’s attitude toward her birth plan. Patrice was much more educated during her second pregnancy than her first, and asked many specific questions to her provider over the course of the pregnancy. Patrice eventually learned through these inquiries that her provider was more VBAC-tolerant than VBAC-supportive than she had been led to believe. With the suggestion of a second C-section and talk of scheduling induction, Patrice felt discouraged, betrayed, hopeless, and afraid.

Luckily, Patrice did the right thing: she fired her provider and found another who believed in her  and her VBAC birth plan.

Women of strength, let me tell you: firing your provider takes courage. Some of the things that Patrice’s provider suggested to her, you will most likely hear as well if your provider falls more on the VBAC-tolerant side of the scale than VBAC-supportive. Every person on your birth team needs to believe in you 110% and no less, and that includes your provider.

In this episode, listen to Patrice tell the story of how her second pregnancy ended in a beautiful VBAC. And always remember, you’re the one calling the shots, you’re the one in charge, not the other way around, and you owe your provider nothing.

Fun finds in this episode: we’ll learn what an aquadoula is, and also what an outpatient foley bulb is.

Check out our blog, The Best Induction Method for VBAC, to find out more about the foley bulb and other VBAC induction methods.

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