November 6, 2019

99 Tonya’s VBAC + Abnormal Shaped Uterus

Today we celebrate our 100th episode with Tonya! During Tonya's first pregnancy, it was discovered that she had an abnormally shaped uterus, in her case, it was heart-shaped or bicornuate. Even though her first pregnancy ended in a C-section, the shape of her uterus is unrelated. Her uterus hemorrhaged during her Cesarean to the point where she lost so much blood that she passed out several times in recovery.

As you can imagine, her second pregnancy was likely to involve complications.

Nevertheless, she was determined with her VBAC plan.

As her due date approached, her water broke and she headed to the hospital. She stalled at 6 centimeters for several hours. Listen carefully to what happens when her doctor suggests manual dilation in an attempt to avoid a second C-section. Go find us on social media and find Tonya’s episode image. Tell us what your most memorable moment from or first 100 episodes is!

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