November 13, 2019

101 Allison’s VBAC + Birthing with a Non-Supportive Provider

Initially, Allison was a little worried about her VBAC plan, because her provider seemed more VBAC tolerant than VBAC supportive. But midway through the pregnancy, her provider changed his tune to become more VBAC supportive, which was, of course, great news.

But then he flip-flopped again. But he wasn't finished yet! Another flip. And again and again and again. What’s a mother to do in this situation?

One of the best things Allison did in preparation was to have a Plan A and a Plan B. Which plan did she put into action? Did things go according to that plan, or did she have to quickly come up with a Plan C? Listen to this episode and find out. We also talk about the three things you should ask your provider to nail down whether they are VBAC supportive, VBAC tolerant, or opposed to VBAC altogether. Find three things you NEED to know about your VBAC provider on our blog at

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