November 20, 2019

102 Amy’s VBA2C + Assisted Delivery

Amy has such a nice voice and a calm, pleasant phone demeanor that you can hardly imagine her as a shrieking, raging woman as she labored for hours with her VBAC attempt, when her contractions were literally coming one on top of the other.

Her first two children were born via C-section. She didn’t have the worst experience ever with either of those, but still the desire was in her heart and mind that when she found herself pregnant a third time, she would do everything she could to achieve her VBAC.

Her doctor even broke out the forceps during the delivery to help her. Hear the whole story from Amy in this episode and then find out more about assisted vaginal delivery on our blog at

After this episode we are taking a podcast holiday break in order to spend more time with our families, this will be our last episode, for the year We wish you the very best of holidays and an incredible New Year. Please join us when we come back the first Monday in January!

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