January 8, 2020

105 Briana’s CBAC + Uterine Rupture

Warning: this episode includes discussions about severe postpartum depression as well as uterine rupture.

Brianna's first pregnancy ended in an unremarkable Cesarean. Unremarkable at least as far as the hospital was concerned, but to Brianna, it was emotionally devastating. Even in the weeks following her child's birth as she physically recovered, that emotional devastation and the shock of how fast everything happened in the OR and how little control she felt she had over anything stayed with her.

When her second pregnancy quickly followed her first, she obsessively researched everything having to do with VBAC, all the while knowing that a second C-section was a possibility.

She tried and tried and tried and tried, but this pregnancy also ended with a C-section. But because Brianna was much more mentally prepared for it, and because her provider and the staff were much more accommodating to her wishes this time around, it was generally a more pleasant experience for her. Although it came with a heavy toll which was much more physical than mental this time.

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