January 22, 2020

107 Tatiana’s VBA2C + Safely Avoiding Cesareans

In her first pregnancy, Tatiana was very young. Her provider used some scare tactics, but Tatiana didn’t think to not trust them 100%, and the baby was delivered via C-section. Tatiana wasn’t happy about it.

Second pregnancy: Tatiana was much more prepared and educated this time. She wasn’t happy with any of the providers in her area, so she planned on a home birth VBAC (HBAC). Most of the pregnancy went smoothly and according to plan, but that last, most important part is where things got a little bit complicated. Tatiana had to go with plan B and ended up at the hospital. Although still trying for a VBAC at that point, this one, too, ended in a C-section.

Third time’s a charm? Even though the nearest VBAC-supportive provider was two hours away, Tatiana made that drive for every appointment. Prodromal labor was the new twist with this pregnancy, and towards the end, crazy complications arose and the VBA2C plan was on thin ice, only getting thinner every day. How did it turn out? Press play and find out (hint: the word 'euphoric' is used more than once).


Check out our blog, The Four Main Reasons for Cesarean, and How to Avoid Them for more info. 

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