February 5, 2020

110 Kara’s VBA2C + Mental and Physical Prep

Kara’s first baby was a C-section, with additional physical trauma and an extended hospital stay. Her second baby was an attempted VBAC, but this one, too, was a C-section; although this time, it was much less stressful for Kara, and she had an overall better experience.

With her third baby, Kara was more determined than ever to deliver vaginally. It helped immensely that her provider was 100% one her side and supportive from the get-go.

However, as she approached the finish line, signs were pointing to another C-section. Even with Pitocin, she wasn’t progressing and or dilated at all, and wasn’t really contracting; However, her provider had a couple of clever techniques up her sleeve.

Would those techniques finally provide the means for Kara to achieve her VBAC? Listen and find out.

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