February 12, 2020

111 Brooke’s VBAC + Switching Providers

Brooke thought she was all set up in her VBAC attempt with her second baby- a supportive provider, excellent progress reports through the weeks, trusty midwife at her side, husband cheering her on every step of the way.

Then, her provider went Brutus on her and stabbed her in the back (figuratively, not literally), leaving her with few options with only a handful of weeks before her due date.

Then things got worse. Her initial consultation with her new provider went less than promisingly when that provider's first statement was "If you want to have a VBAC, don't come to this hospital."

The only potentially good thing to come from that meeting was a recommendation of another hospital that would likely give her a shot at a VBAC.

Did that work out for her and her baby? Listen and find out.

Find out more about how to find a supportiveĀ provider atĀ https://www.thevbaclink.com/post/vbac-provider

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