February 19, 2020

112 Nicole’s VBAC + Breech Babies

Even though Nicole hoped for a natural birth with her first, her high blood pressure put the kibosh on that, and she was off to surgery for a C-section, even after days of laboring. And even though the actual Cesarean procedure wasn't that traumatic for her, the post-birth aftermath, particularly with the hospital staff, is what drove her to try for a VBAC with her second.

Her second pregnancy was progressing beautifully en route to her planned VBAC. Until her third trimester when her baby started doing somersaults in her womb just about every other day, and Nicole's high blood pressure started flaring up again. And when the day came, things were looking worse and worse.

Did she make it to her VBAC finish line, or would she be wheeled off to surgery again? Listen and find out.

Find out more about why baby's go breech and what you can do about it at https://www.thevbaclink.com/why-babies-go-breech-and-5-things-you-can-do-about-it/

Topics/keywords- breech baby, VBAC calculator, high blood pressure, chronic hypertension, preeclampsia

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