February 26, 2020

113 Brittany’s VBAC + Big Babies and Small Pelvises

Sadly, Brittany's first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage.

Her second pregnancy did not miscarry, and like so many first time mothers, she had some sort of vague idea that she wanted what she thought of as 'unmedicated, natural childbirth.' Which is all well and good, but when she reached her due date, a bunch of stuff came flying at her, and fast. More or less regular pregnancy and childbirth stuff, but she just wasn't ready for it and didn't have a backup plan.

And again like so many first time mothers, she was left disappointed and sad when that first baby was delivered via C-section.

Her next pregnancy was uneventful, just like her previous one. But with her first child, she didn't really get to a stage where contractions had a chance to kick in. This third pregnancy, however, labor started early and lasted a long time. How long?

Two and a half eventful days. Powerful, intense contractions every 5 minutes. Almost no sleep.

Did all of that labor pay off with a VBAC baby? Listen and find out.

Find out more about all things VBAC at thevbaclink.com.blog

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