June 17, 2020

129 Heather’s HBAC + Posterior Babies

 Heather endured 3 long days of labor before welcoming her baby into this world. Throughout her labor she told her doula and midwife that they didn't need to come, because she was doing fine. Eventually, her doula insisted that she come right away. Once she arrived, she saw that Heather's baby was in a posterior position by the way her sacrum was bulging. Her doula called her midwife to come immediately, but her midwife was at a wedding one and a half hours away. Not long after the call, Heather's body took over and started to begin pushing. Heather's sweet mother-in-law was there supporting her and told her she was ready to catch the baby. 

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How to VBAC: The Ultimate Prep Course for Parents


Keywords/Topics: home birth, posterior

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