October 7, 2020

145 Hermaris’ VBAC + Prodromal Labor

Hermaris' first birth was straightforward and boring until the very end when they found out her baby was breech. She was unable to turn her baby and ended with a Cesarean. With Hermaris' second pregnancy, she was forced to switch providers at 30 weeks due to her insurance. After laboring at home for a long time, Hermaris and her husband headed to the hospital. She arrived at a 6 and quickly progressed. Hermaris' birth was full of lots of surprises, but she still got to have her VBAC. 

Meagan takes a moment to talk about prodromal labor. She tells you what it is and what to do when you experience it.


Main Episode Topics:

- Breech

- Switching providers

- Prodromal labor


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