March 11, 2020

115 Jennifer’s VBAC + Irish Twins

Even though Jennifer's first birth was a scheduled C-section, it still provided for some shocking surprises. But in the end, it all worked out, and it wasn't a terrible experience for everyone involved.


It was recommended to her that she not get pregnant again for a minimum of 12 months after that birth. But it so happened that she found herself pregnant again after only 4 months after her first was born. Surprisingly, she didn't have too much trouble in being approved by her provider to try for a VBAC.


Her second was born via VBAC without complications, except for some significant tearing and lots of stitches. Then for her third, she wanted to go for a home birth VBAC. Listen and find out how that went for her. And listen towards the end of the show about the repercussions for her midwife for allowing a home birth under these conditions.


But wait, there's more.


For her fourth baby, she wanted to go for a home water birth VBAC. Would this prove as successful as her others?


Even though this is very much a shorter episode, it's still packed with great stories and great information.




Topics/keywords: placenta previa, rubella, four-month interval between birth and pregnancy, short interval, stitches, home birth, water birth, Irish twins, 

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