March 25, 2020

117 Sarah’s VBAC + Birth Locations

Sarah's first pregnancy happened very quickly as she and her husband first started trying but unfortunately ended with a miscarriage.

Having trouble getting pregnant again, they took the route of intrauterine insemination, which was successful. But, understandably, in the back of her mind, Sarah wondered if this one too would miscarry.

Better news this time. The pregnancy went the duration, and she was fully prepared when she went to the hospital to have the baby, or she thought she was.


Labor was not pleasant (I mean, is it for anybody?), and even though she reached 10 centimeters dilation, the hospital staff pushed her into agreeing to a C-section.


She had difficulty finding a supportive provider or even a midwife after finding out she was pregnant again a year or two later, so she said to herself, 'You know what? Fine. I'll do it myself, at home. No medication, no intervention, no nothing. Just me and my husband.'


And, she went through with it. Hear how it went for her in this episode.


Topics/keywords: trans machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine), nitrous oxide, birth plan, pelvic organ prolapse, Autonomous Birth Project on FB, Birth Uprising, 

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