August 13, 2018

15 DR Cormano Q&A With a VBAC Friendly OBGYN

Our first special edition!! We are SO excited to have Dr. Julia Cormano, MD, FACOG, from UC San Diego Medical Center, interview with us today. A few weeks back, we asked all our Facebook and Instagram followers what questions they would ask a VBAC friendly OBGYN. We are so lucky to have Dr. Cormano on the episode. Will she answer YOUR question?. You can find more about her here.

Dr. Cormano believes in building strong relationships with her patients and truly listening to their needs. She often works with patients interested in attempting vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC) and is skilled in performing external cephalic versions (moving a breech baby into the head-down position). Additionally, she works with a midwife team to provide minimal intervention, evidence-based obstetrics care. You can find even more VBAC  information on our blog at

Please note, to get stories from all over the country and even other countries, we record using phone lines. For this reason, audio quality may vary between episodes and speakers.

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