October 7, 2019

93 Kristy Burtenshaw - Structural Integration

So much attention is given to your physical preparation for VBAC. But what about your mental and emotional preparation? Professional doula and Structural Integration specialist, Kristy Burtenshaw talks to us about some things that none of us would guess come into play when approaching birth. Do you know what structural integration is? How about how your fascia relates to that? Do you know what your fascia is? How about Hellerwork? Rolfing? How about Russian sports massage superficial friction? It sounds like we just made up those last couple terms, right? Well, we didn't, and those are all things that could very well help you in your journey to your own VBAC. Kristy explains it all in this Special Episode. Find out more about her and the work she does at http://www.dancecore.us/ 


Please note, in order to get stories from all over the country, and even other countries, we record using phone lines. For this reason, audio quality may vary between episodes and speakers.

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